Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Crochet Creations

Needing a portable project to keep myself busy while a passenger on our recent cross country road trip I took the time to acquire a new skill - Crochet!

I had planned to get some work done on a couple of cross stitch and embroidery projects while on the road, but just before we left I made an impulse purchase of some cheap ugly yarn and a set of crochet hooks. I also downloaded a free 'learn to crochet' e-book. It was probably a good idea in the end - it didn't take long to work out that moving car, bumpy roads and sharp needles are not a good combination.

My first crochet creation was the most hideous, mismatched pair of finger-less gloves ever. I almost frogged them but the monster adored them and wore them almost non-stop while we were in cooler climates. I'm really glad that first lot of yarn was cheap acrylic because the gloves needed washing several times after getting covered in dog slobber and hair, mud and grass. The acrylic held up well to to all of that.

My first crochet attempt. Finger-less gloves.

Feeling reasonably confident and inspired by my semi-success with the gloves, I made sure to pick up some slightly nicer (but still reasonably cheap) yarn during one of our stops and started work on a beanie for myself.

The beanie wasn't finished until several days after our visit to the snow, but I got it finished, and it turned out awesome!  It's basic but it's squishy and soft and warm; everything a beanie should be.

Car-selfie taken only seconds after I wove in the last tail of my second ever crocheted item.
Sadly it's too hot to wear my beanie here at home in the tropics so it will probably not be seen again until our next adventure to the cooler southern climates, but I did it... I learned a new skill and made something for me, that turned out better than expected.

Since we've returned home  I've turned my hook to some other bits and pieces including some Christmas decorations and a sampler afghan trying out a few new stitches. So now I have a a couple more works in progress and a whole heap of crochet creations on my to-do list.... crocheted clothes, slippers, hats, more blankets.... the list goes on.  But that's OK. It's another portable craft that I can switch to when I feel like I want to change things up or need a break from other things.

They do say that variety is the spice of life, and as far as my crafty stuff goes my life is feeling pretty flavourful right now :)

Until next time


Saturday, 6 January 2018

Let's do it again... #PODQAL2018

Did you see the Harry Potter themed bookcase quilt I made and gifted recently? My post about it is here

There was a lot of work (and love) went into making that quilt, and as I was making it I felt sure that it was the only one that I would ever do. 

But I should know by now that you never say never... because I'm about to do it again!

The quilt is the Harry Potter Bookcase quilt (AKA The Project of Doom or PoD). Patterns are free and available over at my favourite fandom/quilting site There is also a very active and welcoming facebook group. 

We're running a quilt along over in the facebook group from today right through to the end of August and I'd love for you to join in with us. 

You don't need to have any experience paper piecing, and your quilt doesn't need to be the monster size that my first one was. We're taking a choose your own adventure approach - you decide how big you want your quilt to be, how much time you have each week, what you want to include etc and there will be lots of encouragement and advice available in the group.

So head on over and join the facebook group to join in the fun (make sure you answer the question on joining, and have a read of the group rules)

Look forward to seeing you there.


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Project of Doom - Block details

I'm on a roll! 2 posts in one day.... image spam coming up...

As promised in my earlier post, here are each of the blocks in my Project of Doom / Harry Potter Boockcase quilt top.

The Un-bloggable Quilt - Finished gifted and now bloggable

You may have noticed me referring a couple of times to a quilt that I've been working on but not blogging about (the un-bloggable quilt). Well its finally finished and its been gifted so I can post about it now. Yay! I've been itching to share this one with you.

The quilt is the "Project of Doom" (PoD) Harry Potter bookcase quilt from Fandom in Stitches and it's taken me 18 months on and off to get this king-sized quilt pieced, quilted and finished.

So without further ado.. here it is...

Finished quilt front
Finished quilt back
I can't thank Jennifer Ofenstein and the FiS community enough for the patterns, inspiration, ideas and support as I went through the process of making this quilt. It took forever, but I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

More details on the individual blocks and the quilting process in coming posts.

Until next time


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Trying something new (to me)

It was months and months ago that I acquired a super cheap, second-hand Janome overlocker.

After the overlocker came into my possession it spent a few weeks in the trunk of my car, and then several months languishing in a box while I focused on a few quilting project deadlines. Finally those quilting projects are done so I've been able to put the sewing machine away and pull out the overlocker for a bit of a play.

She's a really old Janome MyLock 234D and on top of my months of neglect, it looks as though its been a very long time since she's been used.

I spent a few hours today cleaning her up, oiling her and then more than an hour working out how on earth I was supposed to thread her (and lots of fiddling with a super long needle threader). After all that it was a major fingers crossed moment hoping that she would actually work.

And guess what? She chugged along almost perfectly the very first time!

All threaded and ready to go

She even stitches!
After a stitching a few scraps and adjusting the tension I was good to go...Except for one thing...